The World's First Online Academy for Accent Training

No matter which language you speak, purolingo can make you accent free in English or German

Learn Everywhere and Anytime

with these videos, you will be able to lose your accent, even if you are working on your own

The Method

purolingo is the new online academy from Nathalie Claude, where you learn how to speak accent-free English (American/British) or German.

This proprietary method, developed and refined by Nathalie Claude over the last twenty years, is available for the first time as an online video course on purolingo.

In contrast to the overwhelmingly auditory methods of traditional language learning, purolingo works holistically with visual, tactile, and sound values. This means that you learn to recognize, with the aid of videos and a mirror, how to physically position your speaking apparatus to properly execute specific sounds:

If it is correct visually, then it is also correct tonally! In addition, you learn to develop a finer awareness of your speaking tools ((jaw, teeth, tongue and lips) so that you can fully exploit the potential of your unique voice. Ultimately, you learn to distinguish the physical and tonal differences between your original speech pattern and that of the desired, accent-free language.

Through visual control, imitation and repetition, your understanding of speech will develop, be strengthened and grow. 

Private Coaching

If you would like to work with me personally, please feel free to contact me.


"Worth every dime!"
Tim Seyfi
Mit viel Spaß und unglaublichem Know-How hat Nathalie Claude mir in kürzester Zeit beim Thema "Accent Training enorm weitergeholfen. Sie verwendet nicht einfach "Schablone XYZ", sondern erkennt effektiv und auf den Punkt genau, was der Schüler gerade individuell für Tipps und konkrete Übungen braucht, um möglichst schnell Fortschritte zu machen und die eigenen Ziele zu erreichen. Jederzeit wieder!
Anja Mentzendorf
"I love working with Nathalie. She is warm-hearted, kind, and supportive, her approach fresh and minimalistic."
Dr. Marie Cloos
Psychotherapist and Actor
"Nur zu empfehlen!"
Stefan Ulbrich
"Die Freisprecher"