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Nathalie · June 7, 2021

Information about the course “German Pronunciation – i want it all” (

  • 83.30€ one time payment
  • Immediate access to all contents of the basic course in English
  • content for accent correction and vocal guidance, development and maintenance
  • Access to super hacks with tips & tricks
  • If you have any questions: Private lesson (60 minutes) costs 178,50€ incl. VAT.

In this course you will learn how to encounter every sound of the German language anew and successfully put it into practice. You will also receive a simple tool for use in speech training, and a warm-up exercise. For the more complex sounds, extra videos are included should you need the additional support.

Start with the 1st video. In this explanatory video, I show you exactly what you need to pay attention to, and we then go step by step through your speech tools to understand how they shape the sounds that you make.

The 2nd video is a practice drill. Just try to participate to the best of your ability—it will get easier with time!

The 3rd video features words that contain the newly learned sound. It is not only helpful to repeat the words aloud, but also to train your hearing by writing the words down. As the course progresses, I will provide you with the comprehensive word list.

Please note the following:

The course is based on sound, not on spelling. The written equivalents are included at the beginning of the sound with a few examples to try out.

The phonetic transcription used is the standard International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). It doesn’t matter if you don’t already know the symbols—we will learn them here. 

Have fun!

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